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You Know You Are A Traveler When…

Are you a traveler? Here are 10 signs you’re definitely one!



1. You spend the majority of your budget on plane tickets. your bank account might cry but hey, at least you have a ticket to Bora Bora 😉

2. You probably spend more time at the airport than in your own home let’s be real.
3. You are an expert at packing and friends always ask you to help them with their luggage.
4. You’re such a pro you only bring a carry on even for long ass trips.

5. You probably slept in airports and train stations more than you can remember.


6. You are always planning the next trip even when you have just booked a flight to a new

7. you have multiple time zones in your phone. ( I have 6 :p )
8. You carry your passport with you literally everywhere (heeey see what I did there?)
9. You have a bunch of foreign currency in your wallet.

10. You know at least one person in every part of the world.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling? Comment down below!

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