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When Is The Best Time To Have A Stag Party?

Deciding when to hold a stag party normally has a lot to do with when your wedding is going to be. However, there are no hard and fast rules on how long the time between your stag do and your wedding should be, so really, the question is more about what you want to do on your stag party activity day and how that fits into your schedule and your plans. 

Winter Stag Party Activities

It’s a classic with a twist. If you want to do a pub crawl without freezing to death, then hiring a bus with a driver, especially one who knows all the best places, is the way to go. And the best bit is that no one needs to volunteer as the designated driver.

Of course, you may be inclined to stay not only warm and dry but also sober (at least at the beginning), in which case indoor activities like go-karting and paintballing may be what you’re looking for. Great fun for everyone with the added plus of not having such a bad head in the morning. Especially good if you’re having the stag do shortly before the wedding.

But perhaps you’re looking for something that the less fit among you can enjoy. In that case, there is always wine tasting. Not only is there alcohol involved but afterward, you can become a wine bore at every social occasion you get invited to. Well, until you stop getting invited that is.

If there are gamblers in your group, you could opt for a day out at a casino. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea so it would certainly be best to do a quick poll on the idea. If you decide that a casino day is a good idea for your stag party activity day, remember that setting a budget will ensure that the groom-to-be will still be getting married afterward.

Spring Stag Party Activities

It’s been a long winter and you’re looking for ideas for a stag party activity day that you can enjoy outside. How about rafting? Springtime means that the rivers should be full of water and the weather shouldn’t be too bad. And even if it’s raining, so what? You’re already wet from the rafting.

Driving is another activity that can be done rain or shine. One very nifty idea is military vehicle driving. If you ever wanted to release your inner Rambo, you can’t go wrong with driving a tank. This is also a great activity because it’s not the sort of thing you’d ever do unless it was a special occasion. 

Caving is another great option because, no matter what the weather is like outside,  you’re pretty much guaranteed to be cold and wet anyway. There are many different caving experiences so you can do this no matter what your level of expertise is. Mind you, it’s definitely not for the claustrophobic, so you’ll need to check with everyone who’s going.

If you live in a part of the world where the weather in the spring is usually rainy then maybe a tour of a brewery would be a good choice. Google ‘visit a brewery’ and you are guaranteed to find one that does great tours near you.

Summer Stag Party Activities

The sun is out and the birds are singing, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck indoors drinking beer. You’re also spoilt for choice but when the sun is out, why not have your stag do by the sea?

One idea that will be popular for a stag party activity day is a river cruise trip. You can hire a boat with a crew, where the only activities you have to do are eating, drinking, and looking at the scenery. However, if you’re more intrepid, you could rent out a canal boat and be the captain of your own destiny.

And there is always sport. If you’re into doing something completely different, you could try archery or clay pigeon shooting. Or if you are a group of lads who like the more traditional sporting events, you could spend a day at the races.

Finally, and this may not work if you have limited time, is a visit to the Edinburgh Festival. With around 3,500 shows over three weeks, there is bound to be something that everyone will enjoy on any particular day. If you don’t have a lot of time, you could make it an evening out at a comedy club. 

Autumn Stag Party Activities

Summer has come and gone and the weather is starting to turn, so when it comes to stag dos in the autumn, we’re back to hedging our bets. However, activities that are fun in the spring, such as rafting, won’t work so well in the autumn because of a lack of water, so some thought is still needed.

One activity that can be done, rain or shine, is driving a monster truck. Let’s be honest here, of all the laddish activities that you could do, this has got to be near the top of the list. This is another activity you’re never likely to do at any other time so this could be a great choice.

City tours are a great way to learn about the city you’re visiting while being able to knock down a few drinks at the same time. Wherever you live, there is bound to be a historic city near where you live. All you need to do is a quick internet search to find the best one near you.

Finally, whatever the weather, there are many wet ‘n’ wild activities that you can do on your stag party activity day. Wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing (to name just a few) can be done rain or shine. Make sure you do the activity in a seaside town and even if the weather turns nasty, at least you’ll be able to drown your sorrows with a few beers and fish and chips. 

Wrapping It All Up

Gone are the days where a stag do was a bunch of mates on a massive pub crawl with the main aim of getting as drunk as humanly possible. And thank goodness for that, many would say. Now, the only limits to a stag party are your imagination, your budget, and the weather. Just remember to organize everything early and have a Plan B if necessary. Then you can’t go wrong.


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