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How I Travel The World Earning Minimum Wage

I have been traveling all over the world in the last years. People always ask me “how do you do it?”, ‘how much money do you earn?” “how much does it costs to travel the world?”, “Is it expensive?”. I’m about to answer these questions and also show you that you do not need to be a millionaire in order to travel the world.

Yasmin Traveling

To be honest, anyone can afford to travel you just have to make it your priority. I live a minimalist life, I don’t drink, don’t smoke and I don’t eat meat. Doing those things already saves me hundreds of pounds a month, hundreds of pounds that I can use towards traveling.

My cheapest trip was a week in Denmark I only spent 80£ for the whole week and that included a return flight to London, Accommodation ( I had a whole house to myself), transport, food and activities for the week! I had an amazing time without having to spend thousands.

People easily spend 80£ on a weekend getting drunk at a club or buying unnecessary stuff. Why not use that money to travel and explore the world?

When it comes to booking flights I have only used one website these past years and it’s called Skyscanner. This website is like a god for travelers! Here you will find the cheapest tickets from all airlines around the world and you can be sure you are in safe hands.
I  have booked hundreds of flights using Skyscanner and I have not had a problem. The key to finding the cheapest flights is to have flexible dates and to fly during the week instead of weekends as they are usually a lot more expensive.
When it comes to accommodation I rarely use hotels as they can be quite expensive instead I use Airbnb. It is basically a website where you can rent out people’s home or a room in someone’s house. It is very safe and you end up staying in some beautiful homes for half the price of a hotel.
I prefer staying in homes rather than hotels because I can use the kitchen and make my own food, I love making my own meals plus you save so much money which is good if you are on a budget. Staying in a home makes you experience the place you are visiting as a local rather than a tourist.
When it comes to moving around I like to walk as much as I can or rent out a bicycle as that keeps me fit and is better for the environment (and my wallet). If that is not an option use public transportation like buses or the subway, but if you really need a taxi then get an uber instead and stay away from regular cabs they are ridiculously expensive especially in Europe.
Uber is like having a private driver plus it is so much safer and is half the price of regular taxis.
This tip is for emergencies only but if you have no money in your credit card you can still book an uber and it will just charge you next time you get money from your bank.
Travelling can be very affordable you do not need to be rich in order to explore the world you just have to make traveling your priority and really want it!

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