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Falling In Love While Traveling

I have always been passionate about traveling and exploring the world since I can remember, but I had only traveled with family or on school trips never on my own or with friends and I knew that this was something that I deeply desired and wanted in life.


I spent hours watching YouTube videos of full-time travelers and lusting over Instagram travel bloggers and I thought to myself “I want to be like them! I want to become a travel blogger!”

 One day at the age of 20 I decided to follow Damon and Jo’s advice and just shut up and go! I took their advice and went on Skyscanner to find the best deals and I could not believe my eyes when I saw return tickets from London to Copenhagen for only 14£!!! I thought to myself “surely it must be a scam, RIGHT?! How could it possibly be so cheap?!” But it wasn’t a scam at all it was 100% percent legit and I couldn’t wait to book my tickets except that I was missing something… a travel partner! I had never booked or organized a trip on my own and I didn’t want my first time to be alone, so I asked my friends if they would join me, but most of them were busy, had other plans or were too scared to travel.


So here I am sitting in my overpriced London living room feeling defeated and disappointed that I am missing out on such a great deal when my flatmate comes up to me and says ” why don’t you ask that cute friend of yours MR. Personal Trainer to join you?” and I’m just sitting there thinking to myself ” I met this guy twice and have only known him for about a week he must be crazy to go traveling with some girl he just met to some foreign country neither of us has ever been to.” But I was like why the flight not? and after doing a bit of online stalking to make sure he was really a safe and reliable person I decided to call him.
The phone started ringing and I was a little bit nervous at first thinking what the heck am I doing but then he answers and I build my courage up and decide to go straight to the point  and tell him the plan, he was hesitant at first (I don’t blame him) but I reassured him that I had everything organized and planned and that I am not some crazy serial killer.
After some thinking and consulting with his best friend, he accepts my offer and the only thing left to do was book our tickets and Airbnb and we were set to leave for Denmark for the weekend!
The Trip to Denmark turned out to be the best decision we had ever made! Sure it was a risk but in the end, we both had such a blast and had amazing experiences like going to the beach at -4 degrees while there is a storm or getting lost in the middle of the city at midnight or simply just trying out all the amazing danish pastries.
I think the best part of this trip is that we had no wifi and no phone communication we just had each other and a camera to take pictures of our journey. We were truly in the moment and we got to know each other so much more without any distractions. Denmark was definitely a spontaneous adventure and it was the push that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to explore the world and myself as a person.
Following the next few years, Mr.Personal Trainer and I got such a rush from traveling that we decided to keep on exploring the world, so we took the wild decision to quit our jobs, sell everything we had and go around the world together. I am now a full-time travel blogger and Mr. Personal Trainer and I have been happily dating for the last few years and are currently living in beautiful Thailand, and it all just started by being more spontaneous and taking a risk in life.

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  1. Ingrid
    / 11:39 AM

    That is such a cute story! And as always, very inspiring. Happy for you guys <3

    • Yasmin Dimario
      / 12:12 PM

      thank you ingrid xx 🙂

      • Soraya Castillo
        / 1:23 PM

        Ma a me dicesti che eri con una amica….

        • Yasmin Dimario
          / 1:29 PM

          inizialmente si dovevo andare con la mia amica ma lei no poteva quindi sono andata con maito 😛

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