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Top Things To Do In Dubai With Toddlers

Dubai is a glimmering city humming with joy and activity. It’s rare to find a place where you will never run out of fun things to do where your toddlers can tag along. Dubai kids’ activities are well known for their innovation and quality. We’ve compiled a list for you of the best places to take your little ones to have some fun!

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s largest temperature-controlled indoor theme park. The park is 1.5 million square feet and it’s divided into 4 zones. Your children will be able to witness life-size characters from some of their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes from Marvel and Cartoon Network. Within each adventure zone you’ll find roller coasters, thrill rides and other play areas for kids of all ages. One of the zones is IMG Boulevard. Here you’ll find retail stores and places to eat with your family. 

The following are some of the rides and attractions included in each of the three zones inside IMG Worlds of Adventure:

The Marvel Zone – 

Avengers Battle of Ultron is centered around the avengers including Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America.

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D which is a complete sensory 3D, a motion-set experience where you’ll be able to watch one of the Hulk’s most epic battle scenes. 

Lost Valley –

Forbidden Territory is a dinosaur adventure where you and your kids will be able to see live looking animatronics that is so real you will be amazed and shocked at the same time! 

Get on the Dino Carousel with the toddlers for a spin and imagine yourself transported to sun dinosaur encounter.

Cartoon Network – 

The Powerpuff Girls is an attraction where your kids will be able to join the fight and help rescue the world before bedtime.

Inside the Ben 10 5D Hero Time experience, your kids will get the chance to become a plumber trainee as well as fight the forces of darkness.  All your senses will be engaged as you feel yourself being immersed in Ben’s world.

The Camel Farm

Nothing gets a little toddlers attention faster than animals roaming around in their natural surroundings. What better way to bond with your family than bring them to the Camel Farm so they can have first hand experience with the different animals living there? Your kids will be able to have a close encounter with the camels and learn some facts about what it takes to care for these robust animals. After that, you can take them to the mini-petting zoo where you will find rabbits, goats and chickens. Watch as your children get a chance to pet and feed the animals and have so much fun doing it!

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a must-see on the list of fun things to do in Dubai with toddlers. It’s an impressive indoor garden with 10 domes to house the butterflies. Inside you will find a fascinating collection of 15,000 butterflies whose beauty will be unforgettable. Your whole family can learn about the 26 different species of butterflies that are located within the garden. You will also learn about the stages of evolution that a butterfly goes through from birth to maturity. Assistants are available to help your toddlers interact with the butterflies and take pictures so you can capture the moment. 

Le Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais, which translates into The Palace for Children, is a French style children’s town created with fun in mind. It is located inside Galleries Lafayette, which is a one of a kind franchised department store in Dubai. It’s a very popular family destination from people all over the Middle East. Parents can drop off their kids and go shopping without having to worry and knowing they will be in good hands as they have fun, get creative and engage in adventurous activities. Toddlers can engage in activities anywhere from soft play to educational classes and role-playing. Some other activities include karaoke, hair braiding, and arts and crafts. 

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

 This wildlife sanctuary is one of the few protected areas in the surrounding desert zone.  Bring the kids to stroll around this 6.2 square km sanctuary and explore the many different species of animals and plants located within.  Bird watching is also available in three designated areas that allow you to be hidden but also see the wildlife close up. Your toddlers will probably enjoy the flamingos the most. Choose from the any of the viewing platforms, which include Flamingo, Mangrove or Lagoon Hides. The best thing about the Flamingo hide is that it’s air-conditioned and keeps away the heat so the little ones can enjoy uninterrupted watching.   

Healthbay Baby Massage & Yoga Classes

Part of having fun with your children is learning new ways of connecting to them and keep them healthy and safe. Attending the baby massage and yoga classes with your toddler at Healthbay is one way to achieve this goal. As a parent, you will learn different massage techniques to practice on your kids as well as some reflexology and yoga that is incorporated into the class. The experience is fun, positive and uplifting while also giving you new skills to take home with you and continue to practice with your family. Some of the benefits of taking your toddlers to this class will show up as improved sleep, better digestion as well as helping them to strengthen the development of their balance and coordination.This is a fantastic way to deepen the bond with your kids while having a great time! 

Time is so precious and we don’t want to miss a moment with our kids. Watching them have fun, learn new things and explore exciting activities is what it’s all about. Where will you be taking your toddlers this weekend?


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