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Top Budget HoneyMoon Destinations In The USA

Want to take your spouse on a romantic honeymoon? You want to show some love to your better half, but want to do it on a budget? Want to explore Uncle Sam for a romantic vacation with your spouse without emptying your bank account? Read further on to discover some amazing budget honeymoon destinations in the US.

Located in the North American continent, the United States of America shares its border with Canada and Mexico. It has beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains and culinary delights that you can relish at many spots which are good honeymoon destinations in the USA, on a budget of course. The main cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington. Situated in the temperate zone, USA has a mix of plains, hills, and beaches that give you multiple options to take your better half on a romantic getaway in North America.

Create a memorable journey and spice up your love life. We present to you a list of affordable romantic vacations in the US, which is bound to make you happy and relieve you from financial stress.

Cape May, New Jersey

Perched on the southern tip of Cape May peninsula, Cape May in New Jersey is one of the oldest resort towns in the USA. It is a known historic district with Victorian style gingerbread houses. Cape May is a small town with quaint cottages and a beach close by. It is a lot less expensive than visiting New York City. If you visit during the off season you can find hotels for as less as $60/night. However, on an average, you can get good hotels starting at $90/night. Couples can also camp under the stars, in the campgrounds for a lesser amount and make love while listening to the sounds of nature. Take your spouse on a food journey through the small eateries that give the dollars’ worth. Choose from pizza,  and grilled meals to tickle your taste buds. Most eateries have cheap food. Check out Ocean street, Ocean Drive or Texas Avenue for delicious food options. Walk hand in hand through the Meadows or steal a kiss while watching the sunset at Cape May Beach. Visit the famous lighthouse for the views or take a culinary and winery tour with your better half. The quiet and peaceful Cape May, with fresh food and scenic beauty, is one of the most affordable and romantic destinations in the USA.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Located along the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is known for its music, cuisine, and dialect. World-renowned for its French Quarters and beignets, New Orleans is a perfect, budget-friendly honeymoon destination in the USA. Stay in creole cottages with your spouse for as less as $115 for two nights or choose a hotel for $60 per night without complementary food. New Orleans has amazing food joints where you can get filling meals for $5. Try Bud’s Broiler, Hank’s Seafood or Sammy’s Food, all these eateries, and a few others offer affordable meals. Take your spouse to Café Du Monde, a very popular café and do try the world-famous beignets. It will give you a reason to lick the sugar off your partner’s fingers. Take a trip on a carousel bar while sipping drinks with your better half. You can ride a streetcar, stroll through the French Quarter or sway to live jazz music with your partner in your arms. You can find romance in New Orleans and an opportunity to seduce your spouse for the night. New Orleans is definitely one of the most magical honeymoon destinations in the USA.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan in Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise for honeymooners and is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US. It is relatively inexpensive in the off-season and you can find affordable hotels that average around $100/night or sometimes even lesser. There are good and affordable places to eat in and around Ashford Avenue like Pinky’s West or BaJuice. Other eateries like La Bombonera, La Familia Bakery 2 and Mi Vida Cafe & Burger provide value for money with their offerings. Walk hand in hand with your spouse through Old San Juan while looking at quaint buildings and shopping for small souvenirs. Visit the citadels, forts, and churches to admire the Spanish architecture. Take a tour of the Casa Bacardi and get to taste the popular liquor. Walk along the beach in Condado, while taking in the nightlife and seduce your partner while dancing to salsa music. Take a picnic on one of the many beaches or sunbathe together. San Juan is a perfect place for honeymoon in the USA and can be easy on your pocket if you plan for it.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg in Tennessee is a mountain resort city on the borders of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The population of the city is around 4000 and it gives off a small-town vibe. There are plenty of budget accommodations that you and your spouse can reserve for your stay. The trick is to always book in advance, to find the most affordable hotel or lodge. The price per night can be as low as $55 or if you book the River Terrace resort it is from $49 onwards. For food that is easy on your pocket, try Estrella Hondumex or Delauder’s Barbeque. Similar low-cost options are available in Gatlinburg. Take the SkyLift with your sweetheart, treat yourself to panoramic views and get a quick makeout session if possible amidst nature. The Gatlinburg Space Needle and Ripley’s are also popular attractions that you can see. Or if you just want to relax, book a room at Buckhorn Inn, which has the best mountain views and comforting décor. Cuddle in front of the fireplace and show some love to your partner. Surprise them with a date night to Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill. Gatlinburg is a peaceful place amidst nature that will give you some R&R and is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a town lying in a valley between two mountain ranges. It has a rich Native American history and will provide couples with an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature. The best deals on hotels can be achieved in the offseason when the prices are 53% less, during November. Couples can stay at 3-star hotels starting at $80/night. Couples who want adventure and natural surroundings, Jackson Hole is a good option -one of the best romantic vacations for couples in the US. You can find budget food options in Glenwood Street and surrounding areas. Stop by Figgs or Liberty Burger for a fine gastronomic experience. Take your spouse hiking, biking or hand gliding. Make out with your partner in a hot air balloon, surrounded by amazing views. Couples can take a free gondola ride at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to go up to the Deck for the happy hour. Relax with your partner on a float trip on the Snake River or go whitewater rafting for some adrenaline. In winters you can go skiing in the snow or take your spouse on a chuck wagon ride followed by a sunset cookout. Jackson Hole in Wyoming is the perfect spot in the lap of nature where you can experience fresh air, relax and get your adrenaline pumping with your loved one.

The USA is a diverse country where you can relax and spend private time with your better half. Romance your partner and start your new life with an exciting honeymoon, all without breaking the bank.

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