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The Activities You Can Enjoy In Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is home to more than 5,000 bird species. There are several activities provided there that make this site worth visiting for a family holiday. Let’s see the attraction you can enjoy in this area.

The feathered-friends lover will feel so welcomed at Jurong Bird Park. The collection of more than 5,000 bird species from 400 countries will impress the tourist, along with various exhibitions and attractions featuring its charming residents. Lying in a 49 acres area, you can even spend a day in this magnificent aviary and enjoy various educational activities.

Is this your first time going to this avian conservation? After you book the ticket to Singapore, plan your visit to Jurong Bird Park and enjoy these joyful activities from the feathered pals! Let’s take a look at our recommendation!

Private Buggy Tour

This private buggy tour facilitates you to plan your own desired tour on this site. You can decide which show you want to see, the bird aviary you want to visit, and the feeding session you love to attend!

Book the buggy for a group of friends or family and enjoy your private session in the exotic park! The price you must pay to have this 7-seater buggy is S$300 per 1,5 hours (for public) and S$240 for members only.

You can also book the buggy for personal purposes such as wedding photography, family photos, etc. However, there will be different prices applied, and you shall contact the management about the terms and conditions during a pandemic situation.

Feed the Birds

Get closer to the avian pals by joining the feeding session. You can get the food by purchasing it in the park or online while you book the ticket. The activity is suitable for kids who want to get acquainted with the birds and learn about their eating behavior.

In this activity, you cannot bring your food because it can harm your feathered friends. Book this session online, and do not be late to attend the attraction.

Lunch with Parrots 

Find the best eating experience with this activity. You will enjoy the meal surrounded by the natural atmosphere and accompanied by the parrots. Do not be afraid, for they all are gentle! Plus, some keepers will guarantee your comfort and safety.

Taste the scrumptious local meals and get along with the parrots as they show you their ability to talk like humans and to impress you with their voice. The food taste will be more delightful!

The Waterfall Aviary

This 35-meter tall waterfall is the tallest artificial waterfall. It features various colorful flights, unique avian species, and a greeny environment that resembles a tropical rainforest.

The keeper will come into the rainforest replication every 10.30 AM and 2.30 PM. Witness the vibrant atmosphere and feel the calming sensation there.

You can also make a splendid picture on the bridge with the family members. The natural background blends so well with the splendid color of sunlight reflection.

Jurong Bird Park is the best thing you can experience in the family holiday moment! Book your ticket online, and do not forget to pick the activities you wish to attend.


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