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Staying Safe As A Solo Female Traveler In Morocco

Guest Post by: Holiday Morocco Tours


When it comes to tourism, you can’t forget about Morocco. Here you get a chance for luxury private tours in Morocco, visit its Atlas Mountains, Berber villages, gardens, lakes, Museums, ancient buildings and enjoy trekking in Morocco. My words will fall short to appreciate the beauty of this country.

That is why everyone has a curiosity to explore more, but here comes an important concern, is Morocco safe for women to visit?

This article will throw light on the important aspects of the country and some do’s and don’ts for women.

Women safety is the biggest concern in today’s time. In terms of tourism, Morocco is a safe country. Since many years, a number of travelers visited this place and admired its beauty and many of them were women.

Morocco is undoubtedly a safe country for women to visit, whether you are traveling solo or in a group. But there must be some tips to be followed when you are traveling in Morocco.

  •  As Morocco is a Muslim and conservative country, try not to wear revealing clothes as the local people do not appreciate these kinds of clothes. Your respect is always in your hands. it is preferable to wear dresses which fully cover your legs and arms so that you will not get prone to the wrong kind of attention.
  •  If you are not comfortable to talk with any one, you can simply say ‘no thank you’. That will reduce the risk of consequence to come in contact with the wrong person.
  •  Keep your important things with you hidden. As there are chances of getting mugged.
  •  Avoid smoking in this place, you will be charged penalty.
  •  Avoid taking big amounts of money with you.
  •  Ignoring is the best practice to protect you from any wrong person.
  •  It sounds quite fun to hangout with friends in the evening time or at night, it is actually risky. As this is the peak time for thieves and criminals as they are in search of a chance to rob tourists. So, beware of these criminals and don’t ever hangout alone or even with your friends at night. Above mentioned are the little precautions that will help out women travelers who are travelling in a group.

Traveling in a group for women is somewhat safer than solo traveling in any country, not only in Morocco.

So, mentioned below are ways that are helpful for solo female travelers. Adapt these rules while traveling in this country and trust me, this is going to work for all women because these are tactics that will help you enjoy your safe luxury private tours in Morocco. The first and most important tip to be noted is what you wear. keep this in mind, you have to wear a fully covered dress, especially your legs and shoulders must be fully covered. My tip is to carry a scarf with you to cover your shoulders when needed.

Be confident. Whatever happens, don’t lose your confidence and always carry a map with you for a better understanding of locations and look forward while walking and try not to look lost.

it is best to hire a local guide for you, this will reduce your risk of being lost.

 Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind because this will only ruin your trip experience. Feel positive and look positive.

As Morocco is an Islamic country, try to explore their culture for a better understanding of the country.

Ignorance. It is the best weapon. you will find many men staring at you or want to talk with you but simply ignore them and don’t stop walking. My advice to you is to wear sunglasses that will help you ignore these people as they will not know where your eyes are exactly looking.

 On your Morocco travel package, keep your family members informed about your location just for your safety purpose.

Preferably do not to drink alcohol or only have it in limited quantity.

 You must have a clear plan of where you have to visit and how to spend your day. And it is best to have a backup plan. In short, be prepared for every situation and circumstance whether it is good or bad.

And don’t worry ladies, Morocco is the safest country. the Above mentioned tips are not just for Morocco, these tips are applicable for all tourist places. You must be prepared and concerned about your behavior and clothing style so that no one can judge you in the wrong way and you can experience a lovely trip in your Morocco travel package.

Good luck! Happy Journey!


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