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Post Travel Blues


 Everyone gets upset when they come back home from their amazing holiday and have to get back to work and their usual routine. After all you had a fantastic vacation and you’re just not ready to get back to reality, but eventually, after a couple of days you get over it and continue with your usual schedule, But for some people going back “home” just does not feel right anymore.


Post Travel Blues


I traveled all my life with family and for work but 3 years ago I decided to take my first big trip alone to Australia and I had the best time of my life! The weather was perfect, I met amazing people, I would go out to all these fantastic fun events and I learned so many new things and discovered a completely new way of living. Everything was perfect until it was time to go back home, I remember the day that I came back to London I was beyond miserable, it was freezing cold and raining, the train to get to my house was over 2 hours late and my luggage got pretty much destroyed at the airport (hence why I now ONLY bring a carry on with me), so yeah I didn’t have the warmest welcoming but I thought things would get better I had so much to look forward to or at least I thought I did.

I was gone for months and I had so many adventures and stories to share I was excited to meet up with my friends and see what they have been up to and what has been going on the last month but to my surprise nothing had changed, everything was the same they were all doing the same things and they were tired and miserable.
I didn’t want to live my life like that. Personally, I had no intentions of working 10 hours a day every day to hardly make it through the month. I did not want to be in a one year lease crappy apartment that I could hardly even afford. But that is exactly what I ended up doing and I hated it. I went from having the best experience of my life to just living the same mediocre life.
How could I go back to my usual boring routine when I knew there was so much more out there that I could do?
My friends didn’t understand me. They didn’t get my new way of life they would just tell me to get over it and get back to real life. My travels for me was real life and I refused to believe that would be the end of it.
post-travel blues is real and it can make you feel horrible about going back to your normal life but it doesn’t have to be and these are the few things that helped me get over it.

Plan your next trip!

This will give you something to look forward to!

Change your lifestyle!

In my case, I decided to sell all my things and just live off a suitcase.
When you travel you realize that you really don’t need so many things. I also decided to quit my job and become a travel blogger as that is what I am really passionate about.
You don’t have to do such a drastic change maybe you can arrange and clean out your house or eat a healthier diet or start running every morning! do something that will your change your life in a positive way.

Do new things!

Only because you are back home to your normal life,  doesn’t mean that you have to do the same old things.
Try to find a new hobby like yoga or learning how to play an instrument.
Join a Facebook group in your area so you can meet up with new friends.  Go to a new restaurant or club that you have never been before. This will help you feel like you are not just repeating your days over and over again. Trust me when I say that you will discover and learn new things about the city you live in.
Post travel blues can be a good thing. It can help you discover who you truly are and what you really want in life. It helped me discover that I wanted to become a blogger and inspire people. 3 years and 40 countries later that is exactly what I am doing!
If I can do it so can you live your dreams and do not let anybody stop you!

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