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My Best Tips To Dodge Jet Lag

Jet Lag

noun: jetlag

“extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones.”

worst part about traveling

1. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of liquids but avoid caffeine and alcohol this will just make the symptoms of jetlag worse. While traveling in Australia I discovered this amazing hydration drink called 1Above it is packed with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. It tastes a bit like medicine but it definitely has helped me through long flights. ( This is basically the magic potion that most pilots and air hostess use 😉 )

2. If you arrive at your destination in the morning try staying awake until at least 8:00 pm ( I know it’s hard.) It will be easier to adapt to the timezone this way so try your best not to take naps or it will mess with your body clock. Taking a cold shower will definitely help you keep awake and refreshed. However, if you arrive doing the nighttime try sleeping before midnight drink some chamomile, relax, turn the lights off so you can try and get some sleep. Set up an alarm for the next day so you do not oversleep.
3. Once you are on your flight set up your watch to your new timezone destination so you can slowly adapt to the new time zone.
4. Stretch. While you are on the plane and after you arrive stretch as much as you can to keep the blood flowing and help with circulation, this will help avoid body ache.
5. Eat good nutritious food that will make feel good, stay away from overly processed food and if you can bring your own snacks and food that you can have on the plane like some avocado or cucumber sushi or a prepared salad or some chopped veggies with hummus dip.
Hope these tips help and although you might feel like you are dying you will feel better in no time, Happy traveling! 😀

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