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Is December A Good Time To Visit Morocco?


Absolutely yes, December is the perfect time to reach this country. The major reasons are two behind this. In winters, the beauty of this country always reaches to the next level. The places look more beautiful and admirable during this season. And all because of the continuous drop of temperature. A slightly cold environment always liked by every tourist. The hottest places in Morocco turn in a balanced cool environment. That is why December is considered the perfect time to visit Morocco. The second reason is Morocco is a good place to make a winter escape. Many people belong to the coolest places, where the whole year they face snowfall. In December, their climate temperature drops approx – 5 or 10 degree Celsius. So survival is very difficult in these countries in the coolest month of the year. So, morocco also proved as a good shelter for these visitors. As there are a maximum number of cities in Morocco which are hotter than any other place.

So both the reasons are enough to enjoy a lot and have adventurous Morocco tours. This article also guides you where to visit and what activities to do for making your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

If you love hiking, then this is the perfect time for you to enjoy more in your real Morocco tours. And if you are visiting in Morocco during the festive time of Christmas and new year, then this is the golden opportunity for you. Because morocco is in the cheapest time during their festive season. Heavy discounts you will receive in the shopping and restaurants.

And also December is one of the rainiest months in Morocco. If you spend your best day tours in Marrakech, you will experience here a balanced temperature of 14 degree Celsius at the day time and pretty cold at night.

If you want to enjoy the cooler environment, turn your tour to the Atlas Mountains, there you will face actual winter weather. This option is especially for the visitors who are here to experience the joy of feeling cold.

We suggest you put both warm and cool clothes in your bags because some areas will give you an extreme cold experience and some areas are even hotter. If you are only carried warm clothes with you suddenly you planned to visit the place which is hotter than your expectation then what will you do? so, be prepared for this already by keeping all your necessary things with you.


An opposite to this, if you visit in the desert and planned to stay in the camp whole night and they are not having any heat arrangements, then it can become a big hassle for you. So better to keep yourself out of this situation. Carry an extra warm blanket with you to protect yourself from the cold temperature. Or if you want to have a visit to the Atlas Mountains, then must carry jackets, socks, boots, and hats with you. Carrying all this stuff will make your trip easier.

Apart from that, December month gives you a trench of excitement in the city of Marrakech, their people celebrate International film festival. So it is good news for movie lovers. You will get a chance to meet the actors and directors of movies.

Don’t miss to enjoy the new year eve in Morocco, on December 31st. A lively event across the country. You can either spend your new year eve in the Sahara desert under the sky or you can also celebrate this in Marrakech or Fes.

You can enjoy a great time in your trip exploring their local markets, or can simply spend quality time at the beach or can have an adventurous camel ride with your companions. The overall atmosphere of both day and nights keep you comfortable.

Don’t forget to taste the street food of Morocco. It is delicious and will set your mood all day long.

Mentioned below are the places which you must include in your journey –

  • Marrakech – start your best day tours in Marrakech. There is so much to explore in this city. Your trip remains incomplete without having a tour of this place. This place is a major attraction of the whole of Morocco. Visit the old souks and explore the new objects and fabrics and other beautiful items. Also if you want to spend some time to get relaxed in peace, then visit the “Majorelle garden”. You will get an amazing relief by walking alone in this garden.
  • Taroudant – located on the south of Marrakech. The markets here contain handmade jewelry, carpets, and crafts. It is the best-suited place for visitors who love to explore. You can simply connect with the local people here. And explore their daily living styles and the local atmosphere around them. You will also see many artists there putting their beautiful imaginations on the sheets or walls of the street. Also, visit the famous museum of the place “Claudio bravo palace”, and see here the ancient objects.
  • Sahara Desert – enjoy the view of the dunes of Sahara desert. And don’t miss to see its sunrise and sunset view. Also, enjoy the bonfire and camping along with the cold breeze and admirable climate.
  • Rabat – next destination is Rabat, where you can visit its famous museum “museum of modern and contemporary art” and watch the international and contemporary art of Morocco.
  • Safi – last, but not the least is “Saifi”. Especially known for beautiful beaches and friendly people. and safiot pottery is also the best known of this place. To know more about the pottery, must visit “National ceramics museum”, located in the kechla citadel. After that make your visit to reach the “ksar el-Bahr”, Portuguese built this fortress in the 16th century. Enjoy here the scenic view of the ocean.

And this way, your adventure Morocco tours end.

You will enjoy a lot in your Morocco trip and will make lots of memories.

So get yourself ready to have real Morocco tours.

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