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How To Learn A New Language

Many think that learning a new language is incredibly hard and expensive but it can actually be very easy, fun and inexpensive as long as you are passionate and committed about the new language you want to learn.


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In my opinion, the best way to learn a new language is to go to the country of the language you want to speak directly for a couple of weeks or months. This will allow you to be around the local language and listen to how the locals actually speak. Of course, not everyone can just move to a new country  so here are  free ways to learn a new language
1. Learn a new language by using Duolingo
This app is by far the best way to learn a new language it is incredibly easy and fun and best of all completely FREE! I use this app daily to practice my Portuguese, German and Russian!
2. Listen to music and read the lyrics
When I was learning Portuguese the easiest way for me to learn words and phrases was to listen to Portuguese songs over and over again and read the lyrics in Portuguese and in English at the same time. The music really helped me memorize the words and listening to the song while singing it helped me with my pronunciation.
3. Get yourself a language pen pal
Being around someone who speaks the language you want to learn is a fun effective way of learning. I met some pretty awesome people online on Interpals who helped me with my Russian and German. Interpals is basically like having an online penpal, you can meet people from all over the world who want to teach or learn a new language just like you!
4. Watch movies with subtitles
When I was learning Portuguese I would watch all my movies in Portuguese with English subtitles and as I got better I would change the subtitles in Portuguese and whatever word I didn’t understand I would write it down and then google the definition at the end of the movie.
5. Read a dictionary in the toilet
It might seem funny but this really helps! When you are in the toilet doing you ahem… business, instead of playing games on the phone or staring at the wall you should read a dictionary in the language you want to learn this will help your grammar and vocabulary incredibly!
Learning a new language does not have to be complicated or expensive and anyone can learn a new language easily no matter your age or background. These tips are what has helped me learn new languages and I hope they will help you too.

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