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How to Have a Holiday Fling 


Lots of people enjoy holiday romances when they are on vacation; in fact, it’s believed that one in four Brits has had a fling of some kind when traveling. However, just like when you’re back at home, it can sometimes be difficult making a romance happen and, even more importantly, make it a positive experience. If you’re wondering how to go about having that perfect summer fling, read these handy hints.

Leave Your Perceptions Behind

We all make certain assumptions about people and, in some cases, nationalities based on things we’ve heard from people we know and the media. However, traveling is a great way to start banishing all those negative stereotypes which have formed in your mind and draw your own conclusions based on experience. Talk to people and get to know them on a personal level, and form your own opinions that way.

Be Confident

Starting a conversation with someone you like the look of is always nerve-wracking, regardless of where you are. A good thing to remember when you’re on holiday is that if you go up to someone and they knock you back, you never have to see them again. You should also consider that you’ll only have a short period of time to make your move, so it’s not the time to be shy. If you see someone you like, just bite the bullet and introduce yourself – you never know where it will lead.

Check Out Local Events

When you’re on holiday, it’s all too easy to get into a routine of sightseeing or lazing on the beach and then hitting the bars and clubs at night. And yes, the beach and bars can be great places to meet potential love interests, but they certainly aren’t the only places. Before you get to your destination, take a look online to see if there are any other events which interest you and could put you in situations where you can meet people, such as festivals, dance nights, photography walks and language exchange evenings. Social media groups or a dating site are a good place to start. If you’re a couch surfer, see if there are any events happening when you’re on holiday.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Most people don’t go into holiday romances with the intention of creating something long term, but it’s always a good idea to let people know your intentions. Are you just looking for a one night stand or someone to hang out with during your holiday? Or would you at least like to stay in touch on social media when your vacation comes to an end? Being upfront about exactly what you’re looking for helps to avoid any confusion later. 

End It Well

Very much connected to the previous point, when it comes to ending your summer fling, it’s best to do it face-to-face. Don’t just ignore someone; not only is this hurtful, but it can also tarnish their memory of you and your experience together, which sort of defeats the point of having a holiday romance. Say your goodbyes properly and you can both go home with great memories to look back on fondly.


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