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How To Explore When You Can’t Travel

Guest Post: Lauren Delemarre

During these strange times, many people have had their holidays canceled. Even though the majority of us are on furlough, we are not able to go out and explore the country we chose to visit this year. You might even feel anxious about traveling to another country at the moment. During these uncertain times, it is important to turn this situation into an opportunity. An opportunity to have a staycation and explore your own city/town.

People love to explore and visit different cities and countries. However, many people forget to explore their own city/town. Often when you move to a new city, you go and explore for the first couple of weeks. Many of us fall into the habit of revisiting the same places in our city, forgetting about all its hidden gems. 

You might be thinking ‘everything is closed’ however, lots of history can be found in architecture, monuments, statues, and much more. The best way to explore your own hometown is by an app called ‘Geocaching’. This app works all around the world. The way the app works; many little geocaches have been hidden all over the world, the app will give you clues where they are hidden. Geocaching is often hidden in historic places and the app will explain the history of the place and its significance. When you have found it, there is a little paper inside, this paper is full of other people’s names who have found it before. You write your name on the little paper (make sure you bring a pen) and log it on the app. This is a great way for going outside and learning more about the place you’re visiting and your hometown. 

If history is not your thing, you can always go on hikes. You might think that you have done all the possible hikes there are around you. However, try and take a different path this time, or go off the path. You might find your new favorite quiet place or your new favorite view. 

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