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How To Deal With Food Poisoning In Thailand

Food poisoning sucks especially when you are in a foreign country but sh#t happens sometimes (literally) however do not despair as I have plenty of remedies to help you recover in no time!

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One of the first things you should do if you have food poisoning is staying hydrated, drink lot’s of water with lemon or ginger to help with nausea.
Stay away from spicy foods alcohol and caffeine for a few days as these things will just make the symptoms worst. Instead eat starchy bland foods like rice, bread, potatoes, and bananas.
Go to your nearest pharmacy and buy some oral rehydration packets they are very cheap and should cost around 5 baht per packet, I took 3 a day before every meal.

These are the packets that you should get at your nearest pharmacy

This will help get minerals and vitamins back in your body that you have lost.
If it’s been more than a week then it is best to go to a hospital or clinic, they will prescribe you antibiotics and specific medicine for diarrhea and vomiting. We went to Health Care Medical Clinic (HCMC) they have English speaking doctors and it shouldn’t be too expensive we paid 500 baht (10 £)
My last advice is, RELAX and don’t panic these things can happen unfortunately but if you take good care of yourself you will get better in no time and can continue enjoying your holidays in Thailand!

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