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How Not To Lose Your Charter Deposit

Thinks you should pay attention to not to lose the charter deposit

When chartering a cruise ship, you are required to pay a refundable deposit to cover any damage that may occur to the cruise ship during the cruise. 99% of the deposit is returned to the customer, but we need to understand the possibility of losing all or part of the deposit – and believe me: even the best experiences!

Yachtrentalmiami.com says that most of the time, the damage is caused by your crew’s activity, inexperience, or normal neglect.

After each maneuver, check all straps and straps for mooring lines – if they both run correctly through straight headlights for the cleanest results. The crane in particular keeps the ropes in the correct position so as not to damage the deck elements during strong winds or the movement of the yacht. If the rope does not pass straight through the headlamps, the rail or pulpit (stern or bow) can be very easily damaged.

Lost items when the boat is not stable

When you are cruising with the engine, the yacht is relatively stable, but when you raise the sail you know that J. Loose objects in the kitchen, mess, or cabin can cause significant damage. The yacht’s wood paneling and items above were damaged. Imagine the camera falls on the left from a height of 1.50 m onto the wooden floor. Before each raising the screen, I encourage everyone to check out their cabins. I also assigned one person to check on the rest of the crew. This person is also responsible for closing all windows, doors, inspecting the kitchen, etc.

On most yachts, the boat is placed on the deck in front of the mast – where the front sail jumps while tackling and a careless crew can do the damage changing lifts. Always have someone lean forward from the sprayer and notify the people on the tarmac if something is wrong (for example if the front sails or blades lift the boat). Pay attention to the tools attached to the posts, i.e. Radar, engine lights. The hanging front panel can tear itself apart or shatter – enough: don’t go, stop, think – don’t abuse power!

Fenders are more efficient and important

When your crew is large enough, turn them on to control the fenders as you approach the docks. In most cases, guardrail hanging fenders are fine, but being operated by humans provides better protection.


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