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Fun Things to Rent a Campervan for This Summer

Guest Post by Christina


With sunnier days and the holiday season underway, why not mix things up and rent a campervan this summer? Campervans offer endless possibilities for adventures, so here are some ideas to get you started on your next holiday. 

Go on a destination road trip

Where have you been longing to go? California? France? Germany? wherever it might be why not road trip there on a campervan! Road tripping to a destination allows you to discover hidden gems as you cover more ground, offering a deeper connection with your journey than flying would.

Renting a campervan and road-tripping can also be cheaper than taking a flight this is great if you want to travel but are on a budget!

Go vintage and doodle all over a map with the destinations you want to see along the way. Plus, if you’re traveling with friends or family, it’s a great way to connect and enjoy some road karaoke together, too!

Pack Lightly

Keep it minimal when packing, you don’t want the campervan to feel cramped especially if you are traveling with friends and family, just bring the essentials one or two bags per person should be enough and you can always wash your clothes at a campsite if you feel like you didn’t bring enough.

Go camping

It’s not called a campervan for nothing, right? Renting a campervan is an excellent way to experience the great outdoors and get a bit more in touch with nature. Journey to a cozy mountainside with picturesque views, set up your campervan next to a lake and go swimming, or venture into the forest and do some hiking.

Don’t forget to pack some bug spray, an insect net, and cooking appliances!

Eating healthy while in a campervan is still possible it just requires a little extra planning, pack foods that won’t spoil quickly like canned beans and sauces, pasta, rice, nuts, etc.

Go to a festival

Music festivals and a hippie-Esque campervan go hand in hand. Pick your favorite music festival, go rent Volkswagen campervans, load it with water, snacks and all the festival essentials, and hit the road to musical paradise!

Pack folding chairs for chilling out during the day and remember to bring sun cream, too! The last thing you want is to get burned and look like a tomato!

Get lost

Not sure where to go? Hit the road and embark on a mysterious adventure! Sometimes it’s fun to be completely spontaneous, planning your trip as you go. Give it a shot. You never know what you might learn about yourself and the world along the way!

Don’t forget to pack your passport in case your journey takes you out of the country and make sure that all of your documents are up to date to avoid any problems.

I hope some of these tips have inspired you to rent a campervan with friends this summer and get out there and explore the world while making amazing memories!



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