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Discover Interesting Places to Visit in Amsterdam

worst part about travelingThere are many things to explore in Amsterdam, and many of the most rewarding experiences lie beyond the well-trodden tourist paths of the city center. We’ve whittled down the selection to this essential guide to lead you through the wealth of wonders.


Upside Down Amsterdam


All old and young people are bound to find inspiration by stepping out of their current reality into a world of fantasy, which we refer to as The Upside Down Amsterdam. In our mind-bending world, we hope to inspire you to imagine, do things you’ve never dreamt about, and have fun. Exploring our decors and rooms is possible; you can even touch everything and be a complete nerd. It’s all about the Upside Down Amsterdam envisions to inform visitors about the typical modern Dutch lifestyle in a playful manner. Buy Upside Down Amsterdam tickets and pose like models in front of the installed cameras in every area of the museum.


AMAZE Immersive Audiovisual Experience


First of all, the AMAZE experience is engaging, intense, and enjoyable. The space is constructed as a labyrinth and created to connect emotionally with people. “Bringing people into ecstasy (without having to take THAT pill) and letting them experience the purest emotions is in our DNA,” says Irfan van Ewijk, the managing director for AMAZE. It’s supposed to feel like going down to the bottom of the tunnel, a way to escape from reality. The feeling you typically get when dancing at a party was crafted over the past few months to ensure attendees experience this feeling in just an hour at the AMAZE.


Purchase an Amaze Amsterdam tickets and enter the multi-sensory, immersive experience of AMAZE! Escape from every day and discover exciting regions that trigger emotions ranging from calm to awe-inspiring.




STRAAT Museum is a spectacular gallery for graffiti and street art situated in the NDSM-wharf region in Amsterdam. The museum is located in a massive warehouse once a shipyard (lasloods) that provides an 8,000 square meter gallery space. The museum is trying to address the issue of whether street art can be referred to as street art even if it is displayed in a museum. To preserve authenticity, the museum invited each artist to develop their works on the spot and share their thoughts regarding their works. STRAAT Museum has laid its show like a city, allowing visitors to take an artistic walk around the streets and at intersections. Purchase Street Art Museum tickets & Step into the world’s largest museum and discover a stunning collection of more than 150 paintings, artifacts, and sculptures.



The square is near the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the Concertgebouw Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum was established in 1798 at The Hague before moving to Amsterdam in 1808. Its primary function is to display the history and art of Amsterdam. In addition to the 8,000 items of artwork and artifacts that are on display, work by famous artists like Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Vermeer are displayed. There are also 250 rooms and a vast library with more than 35,000 volumes and manuscripts.


Anne Frank House


The Anne Frank House is situated on the outskirts of Central Amsterdam on a canal known as the Prinsengracht. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived for two years with her family to avoid Nazi arrest throughout World War II. Tragically, she did not survive, but she did leave her diary behind, which was published as The Diary of a Young Girl in 1947. The home where she lived is now an exhibition highlighting her life in the challenging period. Inside the house, visitors can see her diary and the tiny attic in which she kept her journal.


Van Gogh Museum


It’s not common to travel to Amsterdam and not discover the incredible art in The Van Gogh Museum. Its name is fitting; this museum is dedicated art of the renowned Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s tragic death and extraordinary talent make it a must-see museum that has 200 of his artworks along with 700 letters and 500 drawings in the exhibit. Other paintings by artists like Monet, Gauguin, and Seurat are also displayed in the museum.


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