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Best Time To Visit Nepal

Sergey Pesterev

Guest post by Manoj Bohara

If you are here trying to find the perfect time to visit Nepal, then you have just stepped into the right place. Nepal is considered to be the roof of the earth. The country will offer you the best mountains views and rolling valleys. However, the weather can be moody. Therefore, as a visitor, it is very important to understand the different climate of this country. That will help to know the right time to visit this beautiful country. 

Nevertheless, you should plan to visit Nepal when it is at its beauty. On the other hand, there are many travel guides on the Internet. Therefore, it can be a daunting task to identify the genuine one that you can rely upon. This is because of the hoax content from unqualified people. Now, you should not worry because this is where we come in. We have spent quality time to visit and analyze Nepal. All you need is this best time to visit Nepal guide when planning for your next visit or vacation. You will never go wrong.

Quick Facts

• High season: March to May, and September to November

• Low season: June – August

• All seasons: March-May, June – August, September – November, December – February

• If you are planning to visit Kathmandu and trek, then the best time to visit Nepal is during the months of September to November.

• During the Spring Kathmandu can be dusty and dry. However, the flowers in the mountains start to bloom offering you a beautiful view while trekking.

Additionally, you would expect the home to the Himalayas to be chillier throughout the year, but it has a specified climate. The fall season or October and November is the perfect time to travel to Nepal. Moreover, the weather is sunny and the skies are clear.

Therefore, if you are planning to trek, then you will never go wrong with these months. Many tourists flock Nepal during March and May for the spring. However, you will experience some chill, but flowers will bloom and the sun will appear. 

If you would like to trek in other regions, and still need to find out the ideal time travel Nepal, then you should know that the weather is good throughout the year. On the other hand, January or December is a bit cold, but still ideal for trekking if you have warm clothes. Generally, Monsoon in Nepal is experienced from June to September. It will rain for a few hours and be cloudy.

Season overview

The good season (spring)

During the month of March to May, you can still plan to travel to Nepal. You will experience warm weather and plenty of sunlight. The great visibility and long days make it the perfect time for trekking. You should pack some warm clothes because at night it might be chilly. During the spring, you will also enjoy the beautiful view of the valleys, especially after the ice has thawed. From the month of May, a little shower is experienced, which slowly leads to Monsoon season starting June. 

• Average temperature: 46 to 84 F or 8 to 29 degrees Celsius in Kathmandu 

• Rainfall: 10 to 70 mm


You should always consider traveling to Nepal during the spring season. Additionally, you can have good time trekking or even mountain climbing like Mera Peak or Island Peak. If you are looking for a cultural oriented journey, then Bhaktapur might be the best place to visit. On the other hand, you will also have a chance to see the New Year festivals.

If you love wild animals, then you might consider having jungle safari in Chitwan National Park. You will spot Elephants, Rhinos, Monkeys, and Tigers. During the spring, tigers are easy to find. This is because there are a few water catchment areas available within the park. Therefore, many animals including the tigers will come out for water. 

June – September (summer or wet season)

During the month of June up to August, you should not consider traveling to Nepal. However, in some lower regions, it might be dry and dusty. In the month of June, monsoon begins with about 1 to 2 hours of rain and clears away the dust. 

However, on the bad days, it can rain throughout the day. You will not have clear visibility of the valleys and the mountains. During the rain, there is a potential risk of landslides in the upper regions. Therefore, you should avoid some trekking areas for your safety. Consider the below:

• Rainfall: 129 to 239 mm

• Average temperature: 63 to 84 F or 17 to 29 degrees Celsius in Kathmandu


Nevertheless, there are other parts that are suitable for trekking during the monsoon season. This is because they fall on the rain shadow. Those places are Upper Mustang trek, Manaslu trek, and Nar Phu valley trek.

The famous Everest base camp trek might also be convenient during monsoon season. However, you should expect some rain in the first days and will gradually improve day after a day. The advantage of monsoon weather is crowd-free experiences. Further, you will also enjoy discounted rates for some busy destinations like Chitwan, Bandipur, and Pokhara. 

Final Verdict

We are certainly sure, that the above information will guide you when planning to visit Nepal. However, you should consider the spring season and you will reap a lot. Make sure to pack your camera in your traveling bag, and record beautiful memories that Nepal has to offer.


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