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Best Luxury And Travel Experiences Of The World


At one particular point in time, we all admire to visit exotic and luxury places to vacation. Spending quality time may go alongside luxury experiences since they are spectacular experiences that are worth every dime and time. Taking part in some of these luxury and adventure travel experiences may help you appreciate the marriage between mother nature and human activities. Every nation around the world has some spectacular scenes, tourist destinations, and experiences that will never cease to amaze. 

Below are some of the luxury adventure traveling experiences around the world you should try out: 

Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

The Africa continent is known for its wealth in diversity, culture, and tourist destinations. Visiting South Africa for a dive with the great white sharks could be one of the best experiences for the adrenaline junkies. The great white sharks make the bucket list of the fiercest predators in the world, which makes the experience worthwhile. South Africa has three leading destinations for this scintillating and nerve-wracking experience. The places are Gansbaai, Simon’s Town and Mossel Bay a distance from Capetown. The sharks are highly tempted by the blood, which is a tactic used by the tour guides. Different charters are offering different packages depending on your budget, which might range from $100 to $2000. The parity in the prices is dependent on some few factors such as the number of participants, duration, and location. There are cages attached to the respective boats that could hold a certain capacity. The preferred time to go for such an experience is during the early morning when the conditions are favorable. Safety is a concern and the well-trained guides ensure that everyone is protected. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Mt Everest holds the title of being the tallest mountain on planet earth with a comfortable 8,848-meter (29,029-foot). It is always a dream to come across the beautiful scenarios of Mt. Everest for most of the travel enthusiasts. Some of the high-spirited tourists would prefer mountain climbing for more direct experience. It would take approximately 40 days to reach the peak of the world, which is a lot of time because you may have limited time on your vacation. People who don’t fancy trekking and mountain climbing could resort in an Everest base camp heli tour. The aerial scene gives individuals the chance to have a clear peek of the beautiful site of Mt. Everest. The price for the whole experience ranges from $1100 to $1350, depending on the charter and package. Most of the charters begin their trip from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Moving towards the eastern side gives you the chance to see the mountain in different dimensions and angles.

Aurora Station 

It may sound ridiculous, but it is now possible to go vacationing into space. The Aurora station is giving people a chance and opportunity to enjoy the feeling of temporarily being on the low Earth orbit, which said to be more 350km away from the earth surface. Aurora Station has luxury amenities, which makes the astronaut experience worthwhile and interesting. It can hold a group of six people while including two crewmembers. The vacation goes up to 12 days of immense experience and learning. The tourist enjoys high and uninterrupted Wi-Fi, which helps to maintain the connection between them and the people back on planet Earth. The Aurora also gives the tourists a chance to enjoy the virtual reality of being into space. It also allows them to try out some scientific researches such as growing plants in space on zero gravity. When landing the members on board are given a special welcome and are treated like heroes. This while experience would cost around $9.3 million.

Dog-Sledding Norway

People who love the companionship between man and dogs would prefer visiting a place like Norway. Establishing ties with man’s best friend is one of the best experiences for dog lovers. Dog sledding in Norway is among the most popular activities to participate in especially for the people who love exploring something new. Some places in Norway such as Alta and Tromso have snowy slopes, which attract people to participate in dog sledding. You could also visit Jotunheimen National Park, which incorporates the dog sledding as one of the most exciting activities. The tranquil and peaceful environment adds to the fun and needs to participate in dog sledding.

Hot Air Balloon Safari In Tanzania

Wild beast migration is the number Seven Wonders of the World, which attracts a lot of tourists. May and June are the prime months to visit Tanzania to experience the true natural wonders. The wild beast migrates from Kenya to Tanzania into the Serengeti National park. The park also boasts of the wealth in wildlife, which includes the zebras, lions and the crocs that also benefit from the migration. Having an aerial view gives you a chance to witness this amazing wonder of the world. Due to the safety measures, it is required that the individuals who aim to use the balloon services should be healthy and above the age of seven. The cost involved is high due to the precautionary measures applied and the use of professionals who help to steer and check any technical issues with the balloon. Pre-book for the hot air balloon safari in advance due to the high traffic expected, especially during the May and June when the wild beasts are migrating. 

There are more fantastic destinations to visit it all depends on your taste and spirit of adventure. Do thorough research before you book for any tour and get well spell charges devoid of hidden extra costs. Some of the life experiences are rare, and it would create a special feeling to be part and parcel of history.


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