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Best Locations in Australia to Explore

Traveling in Australia

Australia is an enormous country. It is a continent-sized country. The whole of the center is deserted, with only the hardiest (mainly camels) living on its vast coastline. We have good news for those who think it is hard to find things to do in this area.

This is not a new fact. Australia has been a popular destination for many years. Every year, millions of tourists travel to Australia to marvel at the beauty of the landscapes and admire the cityscapes. Australia is a paradise for tourists, with beautiful beaches nestled between rugged national parks, wild green islands, cultural-heavy cities, and more charm than many places can imagine. What are the best activities to do in Australia?

  1. Melbourne


Melbourne stereotypes are true. Everyone wears black, and everyone loves coffee. There are too many rooftop bars to be comfortable in such a hot city. The best thing about Melbourne is it’s full of hidden gems to explore. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a hidden laneway bar or a ten-story shopping experience; there is something worth seeing.


  1. Tasmania


It is easy to see the appeal of Australia’s most southern state. One thing is that 40% of Tasmania is protected as national parks or world heritage wilderness. You can take a 20-minute drive from the major cities of Tasmania (Hobart or Launceston), and you’ll be able to walk through the bush, ride down a breathtaking mountain trail, or just relax on the beach. Tasmania is not just for nature lovers. You’ll find amazing food, gin and whiskey distilleries, wildlife sanctuaries where you can meet endangered Tasmanian devils, cool-climate wineries, fantastic festivals, and a world-class museum of art in the Museum of Old and New Art, which is one of my favorite things to do in the entire world.


  1. Kangaroo Island

Although it is Australia’s third largest island, not many people have ever made the ferry journey from the mainland to Kangaroo Island. This place is a natural triple-threat spot. There are beautiful beaches, native wildlife, and even Australian national parks right in your backyard. The Remarkable Rocks are high above the ocean in Flinders Chase Park. They live up to their names. These granite boulders, which are orange-tinted and eroded, have been chilling in this area for more than 500 million years.


4. Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road is a popular tourist destination in Victoria which is mostly visited by tourists during winter in Australia. It runs along the southwest coast, from Torquay, 1.5 hours from Melbourne, to Warrnambool. The stretch of winding road takes about four hours without stopping, but we warn you: it’s definitely worth the stop. There is so much to do along the coast. You will find plenty of swimming and surfing spots, top-quality dining options, adventure playgrounds like Live Wire Action Park, beautiful waterfalls like Beauchamp Falls, picturesque limestone stacks (the Twelve Apostles), and many places to stop for a meal at the beach.


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