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Being A Minimalist As A Traveler

What is a minimalist?

A minimalist is someone who lives a simple life, someone who is detached from materialistic items and only possesses items they truly need and use.
I have been a minimalist for the last 3 years when I realized that spending my money and time on materialistic things I didn’t need was pointless, why does one need 10 pairs of black heels?
5 lipsticks of the same shade? 20 t-shirts of the same color? it’s just not worth it.
I used to have closets packed with so many clothes, shoes, and accessories that I didn’t even use half the time just because I thought the more things I had the better but boy was I wrong.

Less is more.

My whole life now fits in a carry on suitcase and one handbag, and honestly, that is all I need. I am a traveler so having less things means I can easily pack my bags and leave to my new destination whenever I want without wasting time.
Having fewer items means you do not have to spend your time constantly cleaning, decluttering and organizing, instead you can use that time to do more of what you enjoy doing like exercising, reading, going on a hike, spending time with your friends etc.
Being minimal makes us less greedy, less obsessed with material objects and makes us appreciate what we already have.

Create A Peaceful And Happy Environment

When your home is clear from all the clutter and objects you stop worrying about losing objects or trying to remember where you last left your keys/phone/etc. and you become less stressed, your mind becomes clearer and you can focus more on what really matters and what is important in your life.
When you adopt a minimal lifestyle you will become free from material possessions you will start spending your money more wisely and use it on experiences instead of things, when you do this you will feel your life is more meaningful and you will find happiness by having refocused your priorities.
“You don’t need more space, You need less stuff.”

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