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Adventure Trip To Triund Trek

A serene and an alluring trekking destination, Triund nestles in the lap of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges. Trekking this region treats your eyes with some jaw-dropping views of the Dhauladhar ranges and the Kangra Valley. As it is relatively easier for the beginners, the Triund Trek is popular amongst adventure enthusiasts of all ages. 

The route to the Triund summit is both a thrilling and exciting one. It takes you through the lush green forest of oak and rhododendron trees. Your trekking journey is filled with both gradual and steep ascents and is neither an exhausting one. In fact, the first five kilometers of your Triund trekking expedition is simple and less undulating ones. After that, the trek route turns out to be a bit steep and sturdy featuring more than 22 sharp curves on your way. 

Get ready to be fascinated with the monasteries’ splendid views, the wheels, and prayer flags embracing the sanctity of the rich and verdant Tibetan culture. 

Popular places – 

Undoubtedly, Triund trek promises you a feel of both serenity and tranquillity. Situated close to the Dharamshala, the McLeodganj region is a hotspot for the Triund trekkers to wander and quench their adventure thirsty souls. So, if you are planning your McLeodganj 2020 tour this December, here is a list of some of the popular places to explore – 

Masroor Temple –

This Masroor Temple dates back to the 8th century and is a popular site for revealing the North India Nagra Valley’s architectural beauty. Witness the bliss of the stunning masterpieces stored within the temple complex and monolith rocks. 

Bhagsu Falls – 

Renowned as McLeodganj’s famous waterfalls, the Bhagsu Falls is embraced by the presence of the lush green valleys and the paradisiacal scenery. This quintessential Bhagsu fall allows travelers to take a deep dip into the freezing water and click pictures of the mystifying backdrop. 

Nechung Monastery – 

Nechung Monastery at the Triund is famous for its tranquil environment and the warm-hearted hospitality of the locals. While you are busy exploring the monastery, do not forget to capture the delight sigh of the misty Dhauladhar ranges. 

Guna Devi Temple – 

The Guna Devi Temple is a holy Hindu shrine which is entirely dedicated to the Goddess Kali. This shrine is wholly surrounded by a lush green forest cover of oak and deodar trees portraying a mystical significance for cherishing the gorgeous views of the backdrop. 

Sunset Point – 

One of the most exciting places to explore around Triund is the sunset point where photographers can enjoy their best moments with nature and relish their visualization ability by absorbing the enchanting views of the Naddi Village. 

Indrahar Pass – 

Famous for its venturesome trekking expedition, the Indrahar Pass is best for those who wish to add an unexplored place to their list. The pass is situated at a height of 4342 meters off the ground. It offers some breath-taking views of the extensive floral diversity that spreads across the region. 

Vipassana Meditation Centre – 

Nestling amidst the mighty Dhauladhar ranges, the Vipassana Meditation Centre is a true oasis of tranquillity and undulating peace. Cut off from the rest of the world and unwind yourself with a peaceful retreat at the Vipassana Meditation Centre.



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