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10 Missconceptions About Dubai

I absolutely LOVE Dubai I spent the majority of my teenage years living there and it is one of my favorite places in the world, however, a lot of people have many misconceptions about this wonderful place and I am here to clear up some of them and answer your questions.

1. Dubai is a country

Many people actually think Dubai is a country but it is actually not, it is one of the seven “emirates” of the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

2. Females have to wear burqas.

Not at all, although you will see some of the locals wearing their traditional clothing you can pretty much wear whatever you want, however, it is recommended to dress slightly more modest when visiting mosques or malls just out of respect.

3. Alcohol is prohibited

By Islamic law, alcohol is forbidden to Muslims but as long as you are 21 and have a liquor license you can easily purchase bottles of alcohol or you can just go to bars, clubs and licensed restaurants for a drink.

4. You need to know Arabic in Dubai

The official language is Arabic, however, everyone speaks English so you shouldn’t have any problems communicating

5. Everyone is rich 

HA! I wish. Dubai is a very luxurious city and there are definitely many wealthy people but the majority are just normal hard working people trying to make a living.

6. It is not safe

This is completely false. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world with extremely low crime rates.

7. You can only get around with a car.

Majority of the people in Dubai get around by car, however, This city has amazing public transportation like the metro and bus they are very functional, clean, safe and on time. For the metro, you have 3 sections, one just for women and kids another section for both males and females and a third section called the gold class which is essentially the fancier section of the metro also for both females and males. You can also take uber and taxis which are very affordable

8. Dubai Imports everything and doesn’t grow their own food

although Dubai does import a lot of the food from outside the country there are still a lot of local organic farms that grow plenty of veggies and fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers lettuce etc

9. Men suppress women

Women are well protected and respected, and you can be independent and successful on your own

10. Food is very expensive

There are many luxurious restaurants but you can easily eat great food on a budget

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