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10 Free Things To Do In London

London is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest cities, and an absolute delight for visitors. The sprawling metropolis just offers so much to do – you could visit a dozen times and still not see it all! The city does have a reputation for being expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, there are many brilliant free things to do in London.

Here are ten ideas to get you started!

#1: British Museum

The amazing  British Museum is arguably the best museum on earth, featuring an amazing selection of ancient artefacts. From the Ancient Greek marbles to the Rosetta Stone (used to translate the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs), there’s no better way to learn about the great empires of history. 

#2: Natural History Museum

Another brilliant free museum in London is the Natural History Museum. Take a journey through our natural world, learning about the planets, geology and the animals we share the earth with. This is an amazing museum for all ages – and especially if you love dinosaurs.

#3: Admire the street art in Shoreditch

London is such a cool city, and Shoreditch is one of the coolest places of all. It’s no wonder, then, that some of London’s best street art can be found in this borough. Explore it on foot and expect to find plenty of amazing art – including some from huge names like Banksy.

#4: Visit the Maltby Street Market

There are many great food markets in London, but Maltby Street Market is one of the best. It still has the feel of a “local”, and offers an amazing variety of produce. It’s free just to look, but you might want to pick up some things for a cheap (and delicious) picnic lunch.

#5: The National Gallery

Even if you’re not an art enthusiast, it’s hard to go past the National Gallery. Located on beautiful Trafalgar Square, this incredible gallery features masterpieces such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Don’t miss it!

#6: See the deer at Richmond Park

If you get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of London, why not head to the outer edges and visit the enormous Richmond Park? Not only is it full of walking trails (that are particularly beautiful in spring) but there are also over 650 deer in the park! Although they are wild, they are very used to sharing their home with humans, so you can get some great photos.

#7: Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guard

It’s hard to visit London without getting a bit caught up in Royal Fever! So, you certainly can’t miss visiting Buckingham Palace, the home of the British Royal Family. It’s also great fun to catch the pageantry of the free Changing of the Guard ceremony, which is daily from about 10:40am (9:40am on Sundays).

#8: Wander around Neal’s Yard

London is beautiful, but it can be a tad grey at times. If you find yourself craving some colour, head to Neal’s Yard. This area is a network of little streets and alleys, all filled with colourful and quirky stores and cafes. It’s free just to look around, although one of the cafes might tempt you!

#9: St Dunstan in the East

One of the most beautiful hidden gems of London is also one of the best free things to do in the city – St Dunstan in the East. This 13th century church was almost destroyed in World War II. Instead of rebuild it, the area was turned into a public garden and plants have gradually grown over much of the rubble. It’s a strikingly beautiful place to visit.

#10: Mithraeum Temple

The history of London goes back thousands of years, and the Ancient Romans definitely helped shape the city. You can see evidence of their occupation of London at the amazing Mithraeum Temple archaeological site which dates from around 240AD. It’s amazing to see it right in the middle of London. It’s free to visit, but you should book ahead [https://www.londonmithraeum.com/] to secure your spot.

So there you go, ten fun things to do in London – that won’t cost you a single pence!


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